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Axelab³ was born out of a desire to make marketing an accessible, easy to understand and organized expertise. "It is by collaborating with various entities, organizations and companies that I realized that sometimes, a simple marketing resource available and accessible or simply, to have access to a right hand in marketing, could make a big difference for an organization, small or large."

- Valérie, Founder

Axelab³: how to make organizations effective in marketing!
We offer practical and innovative tools and advice to improve the performance and short-term effectiveness of entrepreneurs and managers in marketing.

Axelab³'s mission is to democratize marketing knowledge in a simple, transparent and sensitive manner so that as many companies as possible can benefit from it.

A story about a boat, a route and oars. Psst…We like graphic examples!

Often, external marketing or communication plans give a good idea of the boat to use to get to point B, but do not give the oars or the route that will make it go faster to reach its destination in time. But that’s precisely what Axelab³’s method is all about: thinking about the best strategies, putting them in place, activating the tools to accelerate performance, measuring their effectiveness and refining our strategies to be even more effective.


How can we do this?

Through consultations that give you the right information, modifiable and concrete tools to put in place and that become your daily work tools. After a consultation, you will leave with applicable advice for your daily operations.

Our core values!

Curiosity, transparency, simplicity, knowledge sharing and agility are the foundations on which Axelab³ is built. Simple as that and it is reflected in our approach.


Valerie, B.Sc. is a self-taught marketing enthusiast. She has been working in the fascinating field of marketing for over 14 years and can’t get enough of it! Her intellectual curiosity about the constant evolution of marketing is her driving force and a source of great motivation. She has expanded her marketing expertise to develop branding strategies, drive changes in positioning and corporate identity, develop and execute digital marketing strategies, content marketing, SEO optimization and multi-channel campaigns to maximize acquisition and conversion of diverse clienteles. She is highly goal oriented, ROI driven, results driven and most importantly, measured! She is organized, structured and as they say, “achiever and do-er”! Her motivation lies mainly in the belief that everything can be optimized or improved, created or reinvented. It’s just a matter of knowing how to do it and where to start!

Precisely, where to start?

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